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What is MetPreg™?

MetPreg is a fiber reinforced aluminum with extraordinarily high strength & stiffness that can be used at extremely high temperatures. It can be described both as the World’s Strongest Aluminum and as the Highest Temperature Thermoplastic Composite material in the world. The applications for MetPreg are endless.

MetPreg = Metallic Prepreg

More About MetPreg

World's Strongest Aluminum

With a uniaxial strength of over 210 ksi or 1400 MPa, MetPreg has a strength roughly three times that of the strongest aluminum alloys.

MetPreg stiffness is 30 msi or 207 GPa – a value more similar to a high strength steel than any aluminum alloy.

…and no metal can compare to the compressive strength of fiber reinforced metals.

The compressive strength of MetPreg is 300 ksi or 2070 MPa – a value almost an order of magnitude stronger than steel and more than 25 times the compressive strength of typical aluminum alloys.

Because of the high strength and stiffness of the aluminum matrix, metallic prepregs offer the potential of lighter weight joints than PMCs.

Strong at Over 500°C

MetPreg retains 80 percent of its tensile strength at 1000°F (538°C), a temperature roughly double that of most aluminum alloys.

World’s Highest Temperature Thermoplastic

The aluminum matrix of MetPreg melts at over 1,200°F or 650°C making it arguably the highest temperature thermoplastic composite available in the marketplace.

MetPreg™ has many forms and applications.

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