About MetPreg™

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MetPreg is a metal matrix composite (MMC) made from aluminum reinforced with high-strength, high-stiffness ceramic fibers to form an aluminum matrix composite with high strength and high stiffness at elevated temperatures.

Touchstone has considerable experience in processing MMCs and has developed several innovative technologies which are being marketed under the trade name MetPreg. The development of MetPreg was a natural out-growth of Touchstone’s concerted materials R&D and industrial problem-solving efforts in support of the aluminum industry.

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Why Metpreg™?

MetPreg combines beneficial attributes of light metals such as aluminum with those of high-strength, high-modulus reinforcement such as aluminum oxide continuous fiber.

Because of the high strength and stiffness of the aluminum matrix, metallic prepregs offer the potential of lighter weight joints than polymer-matrix composites (PMC). MetPreg works well when processed by a wide variety of methods, including welding, HIPing, brazing, soldering and adhesive bonding, in addition to all traditional composite processing techniques such as hot pressing, tape placement, vacuum bagging, and filament winding.

Compared to PMCs, MetPreg offers:

  • Higher strength & stiffness at > 400° C (750° F)
  • Resistance to micro-cracking at cryogenic temperatures
  • High resistance to micrometeorite penetration
  • Greater electrical & thermal conductivity
  • Elimination of curing operations
MetPreg Specs

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Forms & Applications

MetPreg exists as a pultruded aluminum MMC product in the form of a prepreg tape. Tubes and angles can also be developed. Applications include pressure vessels and pressure tanks, crack repair, crack mitigation, selective reinforcement, rocket motor casings, insensitive munitions, liquid hydrogen tanks, alternative fuel gas tanks, high pressure hydrogen containment, and composite pressure vessels.

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