MetPreg Tape

MetPreg Tape – The World’s Strongest Aluminum

MetPreg Tape is a fiber-reinforced aluminum with a tensile strength of 210,000 psi which is roughly 3 times stronger than the strongest aluminum alloy. It can be adhesively bonded, soldered or welded to aluminum.

MetPreg Tape can be used for localized reinforcement or to eliminate the initiation of fatigue cracking in aluminum structures on aircraft, rockets, ships – in almost any aluminum structure.

With the trend toward lightweighting, small amounts of MetPreg can make a structure far more efficient, reducing substantial weight.

MetPreg Features

  • Lightweight and strong: Twice the specific strength and stiffness of structural aluminum alloys (Example: A7075 T has UTS of 83 ksi and E of 10.4 Msi with a yield strength of 73 ksi. Please compare these values with those of MetPreg in the chart that follows).
  • MetPreg tape can be thermally deformed and set to a desired geometry
  • Can be welded, soldered, brazed and bonded with structural adhesives
  • Maintains 85% of its room temperature longitudinal tensile strength up to 1,000oF.
  • Field repairs are possible with adhesive bonding, soldering, and brazing
  • Permeability of H2 through matrix aluminum is negligible
  • Compatible with liquid O2 and some propellant chemistries
  • Does not microcrack at cryogenic temperatures
  • Does not outgas under vacuum
  • Properties are unaffected by high humidity
  • UV exposure causes no degradation of tape
  • Electrically conductive – no static charging
  • Can be handled in processing steps similar to polymer composites
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion approximately half that of aluminum
  • Contiguous flanges and end closures for vessels can be made of MetPreg to minimize thermal stresses during cycling
  • Cyclic thermal fatigue is not a problem

Typical Properties of MetPreg

(50% Fiber Volume Fraction)

Bulk Density (g/cm3) 3.30
Elevated Use Temperature (°F)* 1000
Tensile Strength (ksi) 210
Tensile Modulus (msi) 30
Tensile Strain to Failure (%) 0.8

*Temperature at which tensile strength is 85% of tensile strength at 72°F